Introducing Josephine Jakobi

A documentary by Fibre Arts Take Two

Josphine Jakobi is the epitome of what it means to be a biophilic artist.

With a profound sense of place having lived in East Gippsland, Australia her entire life Josephine has a deep connection with her environment taking exceptional interest in ephemeral objects with ecology deeply embedded in her process.

Living on the edge of the Colquhoun Forest at her forever home, Bungalook, Josephine’s focus is art, community and environmental curiosity which is increasingly centred around the Lake Tyres Estuary.

Using only natural materials Josephine is a true process artist, her art is not derived from the desire of the object, it’s derived from the very process.

We discovered Josephine at a Fibre Arts Australia event in Ballarat 2019 where she was the artist in residence. Being instantly enchanted not only by her delicate crochet and intricate drawings but also her deep connection with ecology and love of nature.

So we hatched a plan and headed out to East Gippsland to visit Josephine’s hand made straw bale studio determined to capture the essence of her work and her sense of place in our very first documentary.

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It was our absolute pleasure to spend two days discovering the hidden jewels of the Lakes Tyers Estuary and the shores of the Ninety Mile Beach whilst learning more about Josephine’s family history, the Bee Farm, her art practice and how everything is connected.

I’d like to think, with Josephine’s help we have started our own thread of history.